Sevco Enterprises Ltd. (“Sevco”) is a Vancouver based, BC owned and operated, company offering distribution and delivery services to the food service sector across western Canada.

Office – Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM pacific time
Saturday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday (Closed)

Order Desk – Contact Information:

Phone: 604.301.3070
Toll Free: 1.877.GO.SEVCO (1.877.467.3826)
Fax: 604.301.9477

  • All orders placed will be delivered on your next scheduled delivery day.
  • Orders for the next scheduled delivery day must be placed with Sevco by 1:00 PM on the day before your next scheduled delivery date. If your scheduled delivery day falls on a Monday the order must be received on the preceding Saturday by 1:00 PM.
    Note: Acceptance of all late orders and add-ons after the order cut-off times stated above are subject to approval at the sole discretion of Sevco.
  • Sevco requires a minimum order amount (before deposits, ecology fees and taxes) that is applicable to all orders that are to be delivered by Sevco or its representative. Please see the accompanying “Delivery Schedule, Order Minimums and Order Deadlines” form for reference.
  • Sevco delivery personnel (“driver”) have specified routes that are planned daily so that all customer required deliveries can be made on a timely basis. To ensure that all customers receive their orders in a timely manner we require customers to be aware of and comply with the Delivery Protocol described below.

Delivery Protocol:

  1. The Sevco driver will let the store staff know that he has arrived. Note: Sevco policy states that drivers are expressly not allowed to enter offices or office areas and area where inventory or cash are stored unless accompanied at all times by a store representative. This policy is for the mutual benefit of the Customer and Sevco as it avoids any concern that Sevco’s driver is left alone with any of the Customers’ property or confidential information.
  2. The store owner, manager, employee or a representative at the store must indicate to the driver a designated area for the driver to place all delivered items and no items may be moved or put away by the store staff until the driver has given his consent. This consent can only be given after the order contents have been counted and otherwise verified by the driver and the store representative.
  3. Once the driver has brought all ordered items to the designated area (see “b” above) he will give a copy of the invoice to the store representative.
  4. The driver will then go through a complete physical count of the delivered items with the store representative and place a mark against each line item on the driver’s copy of the invoice as it is counted with the store representative. If there is a difference between the quantity on the invoice and what was actually delivered he will make the appropriate notation on both Sevco’s and the customer’s invoice copies. The store representative must initial all notations on both invoice copies.
  5. When the driver and the store representative have completed the counting of all delivered items and have verified and agreed on all the counts, then the store representative will sign on the bottom of both invoice copies that all items have been received as stated, or if any discrepancies, as notated on the invoice copies.
  6. In the event of any overages, shortages or damaged (“OSD”) items, these are to be noted on both invoice copies. The driver will take back with him for return to the warehouse any overages or damaged items. In the event of a shortage the store representative is requested to immediately contact the Customer Service desk at the contact points indicated at the top of this document.
  7. Only when all the steps from “a” to “f” above have been completed will the driver allow any of the delivered items to be removed from the designated location.
  8. The drivers are expressly not permitted to put away items from the designated location (per “b” above). Drivers are on a tight schedule to meet the requirements of other customers who are awaiting deliveries as well.
  9. We recognize that occasionally there may be damaged goods or shortages within shipping containers (as an example, within sealed cardboard boxes) that are not discovered until after the driver has left. If such an event occurs, we request that the staff at the store keep the container and all its contents as delivered and place it apart from all other items for us to pick up and deal with. Then, immediately contact the Sevco Customer Service desk and provide a full explanation of the issue(s). It is Sevco’s paramount objective to deliver to each store everything that has been ordered. The Customer Service desk will make all necessary arrangements to expeditiously deal with the situation and to minimize any negative effect on the customer. Sevco must be notified of this type of situation within 24 hours of the time of the delivery.
  10. If the store is returning crates the driver will count with the store representative the quantities of each type of crate being returned and make the notations in the designated boxes on both invoice copies. The driver will then obtain the signature of the store representative beside each of the applicable boxes on both invoice copies.
  11. After completing the delivery service but before leaving the store, the driver may request to receive a cheque if that is the agreed to payment option. This will have been organized with the Sevco credit department in advance of the delivery. The driver will note the cheque number, amount and date on both Sevco’s and the Customer’s copy of the invoice.
  12. Please note that the driver has additional deliveries to make and cannot be made to wait an unreasonable amount of time.
  13. After the completion of all steps in items “a” through “k” above the driver will leave the store and head to the next delivery location. Please Note: Sevco generally allots a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes from arrival to departure for the driver.

Product Return due to having ordered product in error:

If, as a result of incorrectly placing an order, you wish to return product please contact our Customer Service desk within 24 hours and request an authorization number and any follow-up instructions from Sevco. The granting of a return authorization is solely at the discretion of Sevco. Any authorization of a return of product will be subject to a minimum re-stocking fee that will be dependent upon the product being returned and the situation causing the return. Due to the perishable nature and the special handling and storage conditions of some of the products delivered by Sevco, if a return authorization is granted, Sevco may arrange for picking up of the product during the same day. Returned product must be unopened, entirely intact in the original packaging and in the condition it was at the time of delivery. No credits will be issued for partial cases.

Overage, Shortage or Damage (“OSD”)

In any instance of OSD or any other issues regarding the delivery process, quantity discrepancies, returns or other such issues, Sevco commits that its Customer Service desk will respond to the store with a confirming e-mail detailing all the relevant information regarding the specific situation and will give an indication of the course of action to be followed next and what the responsibility for actions is by Sevco and the store.

Credit Notes

Any adjustments that are required to be made to a store’s account will be made via a Credit Note (a new and separate invoice number) posted to the account. The credit note will contain a cross reference to the invoice number that originated the reason for the credit. Copies of credit notes will be sent to the e-mail address provided to Sevco by the customer for receipt of accounting correspondence from Sevco.
All credits are processed within 5 business days of receipt of the returned product by Sevco.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification of these terms and conditions, please contact the Sevco Customer Service desk at the contact points shown above.

Note: These Terms and Conditions of Delivery are subject to change without notice and are at the sole discretion of Sevco Ent.Ltd.